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Terms and Services or Terms of Service (TOS)

This page contains the Terms of Service (ToS).

Please read these terms of service carefully. By accessing, reading and interacting with content, and/or registering as a member of, you are deemed to have read and agree to be bound and comply with the contents of the Terms of Service.
If you do not agree with these provisions then you are not permitted to access and will not obtain any rights from

Description is a website that is a free publication facility that anyone can use to share knowledge, information, experiences, opinions, thoughts, ideas, perceptions and so on. PortalUang consists of several topic categories and sections. The mention of means covering all parts of the website.

Member  is someone who has an account at through the registration process with verification and activation via email. Members can act as readers, subscribers, forum participants, contributors, writers, editors and admins.

Authors and Contributors are members who are permitted to publish content on, which includes writing, video images or sound or a combination of these. The difference between Authors and Contributors is that Authors are given permission to publish their content without having to wait for Admin approval. Meanwhile, Contributors cannot publish content directly, but must go through moderation or review by the Admin or Editor.

Visitors or Users are anyone who accesses and is not required to have a membership account. Visitors are permitted to read or enjoy all content which is intended for the public.
Every non-human visitor (bot, crawler, software, script) and similar devices, is considered an agent and represents the individual (human) creator, owner or user of the device. So that the individual concerned is fully responsible for the actions of his agent as if he had done it himself.

Registration and Membership

After registering and becoming a member of, you will get a membership account (hereinafter simply called an account), including a username, password, avatar image (profile photo).
1. You declare that you registered on your own initiative and desire and did so consciously, without any  coercion or intimidation from any party.

2. You are required to provide actual personal data as a condition for membership in You are prohibited from creating and/or using an account as if you were someone else, claiming to be someone else for any purpose or reason.
3. You are prohibited from using an avatar that contains elements of SARA, pornography, violence or photos belonging to other people.
4. You are prohibited from giving, selling, transferring or disclosing the secrets of your account to other people or parties.
5. You must secure your account (username and password).
6. You are responsible for everything done by your account. All actions are considered to be in your name.
7. If the account changes hands accidentally, is stolen, hacked and the like, you must immediately report it to, so that the Admin can take actions related to the account, such as freezing and deleting the account.
8. is not responsible for misuse of your account by other parties.

User Content Terms

Content is any material submitted by members in the form of writing, images, photos, videos, sounds, attached files and so on, whether as articles, comments, private messages, forum topics and forum replies.
1. You are prohibited from sending content that is offensive, harassing, demeaning, or damaging to the good name of other members or certain other parties.
2. You are prohibited from sending content that contains elements of SARA, pornography, provocation and violence.
3. You are prohibited from sending content about gambling, casinos, MLM, MoneyGame, Ponzi Schemes and other fake business or investment models.
4. You are prohibited from sending content that contains elements of fraud, public deception, slander or content that can mislead other people.
5. You are prohibited from sending content that contains viruses, worms, trojans, malware or other dangerous and destructive content, including directing visitors to such content.
6. You are prohibited from changing, destroying or deleting content belonging to other members, unless you are given the right by the manager for editorial purposes.
7. You are prohibited from copying (and republishing on PortalUang) content belonging to other members or other websites, either in whole or in part, without the permission of the owner of the content.
8. Including any material (images, photos, writing, recipes, etc.) belonging to other people in your posts/content, whether from or from other websites, is entirely your responsibility directly to the content owner.

Disclaimer: cannot monitor all content sent by members at any time, so is not responsible for the content sent by members. Members are responsible for the content of their submissions to related parties directly without going through

If you find your material/content published on without your permission, please contact the Admin via the contact page, along with content information, proof of ownership and other data. We will immediately take the necessary actions, including deleting the content and freezing the member’s account.
Copyright and Content Use License products
All components that make up, including text, images, logos, favicon, documentation, systems, designs, audio, video and other components or elements that make up the website are copyrighted by
Users are prohibited from using some or all of the components, elements or designs of for any purpose without permission from the Admin
Users are not permitted to change, change or add to the product design for any reason or purpose.
• Copyright of content sent by members belongs to the member. However, has full rights to publish (broadcast, publish) and use it for promotional purposes for
• With the approval of the content owner (member), can use the content to be published in other online media (including ebooks) or print media (books, magazines, etc.), including archiving/collecting/grouping/compiling and sort of.
• Every person or party is permitted to use, place, download, link and/or embed either part or all of the content on only for personal or non-commercial purposes, with the obligation to include the source and the link/link to the URL of the content.
• Any person or party who wishes to use, place, download, link and or embed either part or all of the content on, which is intended for commercial purposes or purposes, must obtain permission from the Admin
• is freed from all claims and responsibilities for violations of rights, especially those relating to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from third parties regarding content sent by members and displayed on The content owner is directly responsible for the parties concerned without going through
Changes to the Terms of Service can change, replace, add or reduce these Terms of Service at any time without prior notification. members are automatically bound by any such changes.
Notification is provided by including the last date of editing this page at the end (bottom) of this page. Service Changes has the right to change and/or discontinue some or all of the services and/or features at any time without prior notification.